Statement Rings and Exciting New Things

Whether you love the traditional gentleman's pastime or not, everyone can agree- cigar rings are a fun, glamorous way to make a statement this fall. 

Last week we shared with you some of our favorite amber and pearl pieces, taking a note from biggest names in fashion. Now, these bold rings are catching our eye- and with the versatility of mixing our lovely silvers and 14K golds, as well as the many personalized designs for you to browse, we know you'll love them too!


Don't think we've forgotten our Fall favorites! Some of our beautiful amber-hued pieces, like the "Triple Cognac Amber & Sterling Silver Pendant" and the "Orange - Pink Multi Gem & Sterling Silver Bracelet", are the perfect companions for sweater weather. Show us how    you wear your fall colors in the comments!


Halloween may be over, but Fall has just begun here in San Diego. We took the opportunity to get out in the brisk weather and embrace the spirit of Fall- we're excited to share what we've had tons of fun working on with you next week. We'll give you a hint- pumpkins will make an appearance! 



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