Bella Zahran


Expressions of You !

Bella Zahran is an independent jewelry company established in 2010 by creative designer and founder Debbie Pinhero; headquartered in Southern California. We design, create, produce, and sell fine jewelry in sterling silver and 14k gold. In addition, jewelry pieces are crafted in an array of precious and semi-precious gemstones to delight our customers.

Mission Statement

  • We are passionate about jewelry
  • We are inspired by our customers
  • We cherish loyalty
  • We value our relationships
  • We love what we do
  • We are excellence

Vision Statement

Through alluring jewelry designs, Bella Zahran delights customers globally by enhancing their spirit of expression

Meet the Team

Bella Zahran is a collective effort of a champion team focused on creating a positive consumer experience.


The Creative Designer and Founder

Jewelry, wearable art, every piece a form of expression. It has the power to create mood, provoke opinion and produce reaction. This is the philosophy that Seattle born creator/designer and founder, Debbie Pinhero follows in creating and developing a unique collection of jewelry for Bella Zahran. Her intense visual attraction to an array of metals, vivid colors, inventive design, imaginative jewelry, along with a wonderful imagination is reflected in the pieces, collections and designs at Bella Zahran. The designs are a greater importance to Debbie than the intrinsic value of the materials, precious metals and fabulous stones. Her goal is to evoke and enhance the spirit of ‘expression’ through the jewelry at Bella Zahran.

“Bella Zahran is a labor of love; a dream come true. I’m ecstatic to celebrate the launch of the jewelry company. Our purpose is to delight customers around the globe with jewelry in an array of beautiful enticing designs that enhance the spirit of 'expression'. I am elated to share Bella Zahran with the world.”



The Guy Behind The Camera

Dave Siccardi is a professional photographer whose career spans the development of photography from the era of b&w darkrooms to the modern digital photograph. He started with a passion for the photographic image that remains vibrant today. His early training was as a newspaper photographer which allowed him to photograph a wide variety of assignments. Today his freelance photography continues to encompass a wide range of photographic assignments. Dave brings Bella Zahran jewelry to life through eloquently photographed pieces of art. His eye for perfection accentuates the beauty in each necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings that he captures through photography. To photograph the Bella Zahran jewelry, Dave draws on experience gained photographing retail product for clients from his commercial studio.

As a photographer I share my love of being a ‘photo guy’ with each and every client.  When there is a camera in my hands I am inspired to create history, passion, experience, trends, and the magic that is photography…Bella Zahran pieces are interesting and fun to photograph. On the small set created for these pieces, all the techniques of product lighting play out on a small stage making for an interesting and challenging photographic assignment.”

-Dave Siccardi


Social Media Coordinator

Hanna is the social butterfly at Bella Zahran. She brings the breathtaking jewelry at Bella Zahran to the world through social media. With a plethora of photos at her fingertips, Hanna excites lovers of jewelry and enhances their spirit of expression through the social media of Bella Zahran .

From a young age Hanna Freeman was exposed to jewelry by a fantastically crafty family friend; she created necklaces and bracelets that she still owns today. This exposure to artistry is what sparked the flame that has become her deep passion for the arts. Hanna effortlessly connected her artsy jewelry background with her love of social media. Adding extensive graphic design to her repertoire of talents, she flourished into an amazing social media coordinator at Bella Zahran. 


Inventory Publishing Manager


Utilizing her management and organizational skills, Ryn oversees the processing of Bella Zahran jewelry inventory as well as being an assistant to the buyer in daily operational tasks.  In addition, she manages the company’s online inventory presence, by executing the process of publishing newly launch products as they become available.

“It's very exciting to be surrounded by exquisite precious metals and gorgeous gemstones. As part of the Bella Zahran team my focus is bringing the excitement of each piece to our customers.”