Stop and Smell the Pumpkins - a San Diego Fall

Introducing our Fall 2015 Photoshoot! 

With the bright orange of pumpkins as our backdrop of choice, we took the day to get out in the fresh air and capture some magical moments in some of our favorite Fall-inspired pieces. It may be the unique necklaces or delicate bracelets that catch your eye, there’s sure to be a piece for everybody to complement the crisp Fall spirit.


Amber is undoubtedly the color of Fall. Whether you choose to embrace the color with a bold necklace, or as a funky agate wraparound bracelet, you can’t go wrong with the rich earthy tones to match the waning season. 



We hope you had as much fun browsing these snapshots as we did creating them. Let us know which ones you loved best in the comments, or if there’s a piece you wish we’d featured at the shoot- we’d love to hear back from you! Keep an eye out next week for more shots from the trip to the pumpkin patch. 



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